University of Saskatchewan Nurses College Today

Ten nursing graduates accepted their degrees from the University of Saskatchewan in May of 1943, only one-third of the thirty that enrolled in the 1938 program. Today, over one thousand students are enrolled in the Nursing Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan. The program has grown and changed significantly since its small beginnings.

Nursing was established as a school of nursing under the direction of Kathleen Ellis in 1938. The school achieved college status in 1973 - a time when nursing education in general was changing from a hands-on, hospital-based training program to a college-based, academic program with limited practicum work. During the same year, the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing was introduced. Students would no longer receive an Arts degree and nursing training, but a degree in their actual field of study.

The College currently offers a three or four-year nursing education program (depending on the number of prerequisites the students have) in three cities across the province: Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Nurses wishing to continue their education at the Master's level can also do so at the University of Saskatchewan with either a thesis or course-based program. The College also offers a Native Access Program to Nursing which the College of Nursing describes as "a support and retention service for Aboriginal nursing students."

Because the College is committed to continuing nursing education, it offers opportunities for professional development and other continuing education programs.