Favourite Patients

Some patients are difficult to forget. Georgiana Chartier remembers one of the patients who became a veritable institution at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon:

You remember the funny things or the dumb things, but not really so many of the sad things. You'd see it in passing. You think of Freddy LaRoque because he was a patient on, I guess, first floor from the early '40s. He was injured. A tree fell on him. I think he worked up north. And he was a patient there. So everybody knew Freddy LaRoque. He was a patient on first floor. And he was there till probably in the '60s when he died. I have that one picture of him too with the -- we took him out for a walk. He was in a wheelchair. He never did return to normal life. Like now, if you were a paraplegic, you got out and you were able to do things. But Freddy was there for the rest of his life. He died in St. Paul's. So he must have been there for -- it was before my time a good six years, and maybe six years afterwards. But he was sort of an institution on first floor. You always had to get to know Freddy. But he was a bit of a character too. He bugged all the student nurses I think.